Open a Shopify Pop Up Store

Opening a pop up store is a big step for any retailer.

Thankfully FoyerLive have made it simple for you to open a Shopify powered pop up store.

Connect your Shopify store to FoyerLive in minutes

Sell all of your product details in your pop up store using touch screens that allow shoppers to explore product details and purchase products to take home or have home delivered. Best of all orders are processed from FoyerLive into Shopify with no changes to your existing workflows!

Once connected FoyerLive makes shopping better, smarter and faster by solving common pain points for shoppers, and make staff more efficient and capable.

Choose Your Components

Touch Screens

Expand your product range beyond your the physical store limitations by bringing all of your products into an easy to use touch interface.

Use moving video and images to attract shoppers to interact with the touch screen and highlight the benefits of your products.

Once touched the screen offers shoppers information and purchasing options.

If placed on a store window or on an external wall you can sell 24/7, even when the store is closed.

M-POS & Customer Mobile Self Checkout 

Customers can self check out using their mobile or checkout with staff in the store who are armed with handheld tablets.  The mobile check out system provides:

  • A simple and easy check out experience;
  • Removes the need for a cash wrap; and
  • Allows the sales staff to be more available on the sales floor.

Digital Signage/Video Wall
Attracts attention from afar and draw shoppers into your store while being atmospheric to customers within the space.

Storefront Sign
Use a versatile digital sign to attract shoppers into your store and quickly adapt to change content to highlight promotions and your brand identity.

Let's do this

Customer Benefits

Once connected using FoyerLive in store your customers are able to use touch screens to:
  • Browse and search your full product range;
  • Request assistance from associates;
  • Check in to pick up click and collect orders;
  • Check in for appointments; and
  • Submit orders for fulfillment.

Staff Benefits

Whilst Store Associates using handheld or fixed tablets can:
  • Manage assistance and order requests;
  • Notify customers via text message that their order is ready;
  • Control content on screen in store to show customers specific products that may not be available in store.

As a result you will receive the following key benefits:

  • Sell all of your products in store regardless of your current stock levels;
  • Customers wait time is minimized and they are free to browse and shop whilst they are waiting;

See it in Action

Finally, watch this video to see how these features work and imagine the benefits for your stores.

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