Connected Change Room

Changing rooms have changed for the better. Digital screen enable your customers to scan products for detailed information or to get further recommendations on similar products.

At the touch of a button, customers can prompt sales assistants for assistance without leaving the change room. Sales assistants receive notifications on their devices to create a fast, frictionless experience. Whether it’s a different size or a different product, customers can track the progress of their request.

  • Drives conversion by ensuring no opportunity is missed
  • Seamlessly integrates with your systems to always surface up to date product information
  • Captures data to empower your sales team and drive growth targets


Serve your customers better by accessing rich customer data. Tap into your existing systems such as eCommerce, POS, CRM and loyalty programs to deliver highly personalized services.

  • Connecting devices create frictionless customer experiences
  • Build, access and maintain customer profiles
  • Seamlessly sync existing customer data

Mobile Point of Sale

Engage and transact with your customers where, when and how they want with Foyer mPOS. Power up your existing POS infrastructure and extend your capabilities with mPOS.

  • Capture orders and take payments using compatible mobile devices
  • Assist customers throughout the buying journey
  • Enable customers to complete transactions on their own mobile device

Endless Aisle

Bring products to life
 on large format touch displays that are seamlessly connected 
to your core business systems. Let customers explore your entire range including items that are not on the shop floor
 or out of stock.

  • Make your entire product range shoppable, 
no matter the store format or location.
  • Tell product stories through images and video
  • Create cross-sell opportunities with automated recommendations
  • Enable customers to create wish lists, join loyalty 
programs and self check-out

Smart Digital Signage

Smart digital store signage integrates with your existing systems to surface timely brand and product content that can deliver real sales impact. Close the loop between your online and in-store experiences.

  • Create smart schedules based on weather, location, live inventory feeds, and more
  • Integrate social feeds and other media assets for true omni-channel marketing
  • Create and control sensational, personalized and engaging multi-media experiences for customers

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