Touch screens allow customers to configure, and personalise their cake and see it come to life in front of their eyes.

Loblaws is the #1 grocery chain in Canada. In order to maintain their leadership status, they are always looking for opportunities to innovate the shopping experience for their customers.

When analyzing pain points and opportunities within their store, Loblaws identified that the availability of services such as ordering a custom cake are often unknown by the majority of customers.

This presented an opportunity.

Self service sales ensure the bakery is always taking orders, and customers can see exactly what they're going to get.


Loblaws selected Foyer’s Product Configuration application to implement a touch screen cake ordering solution in store. With numerous configuration options, customers can create the perfect cake for their special occasion.

An animation is used to attract and educate customers that they can create and order custom cakes. When the customer touches the screen they are guided through the various options to bring their personalized cake to life.

Same store sales have increased by 12%+ since Foyer’s implementation, and the kiosk usage has been consistently high, ensuring customers understand their options for future conversion as the occasions arise.