Australia’s leading kitchenware retailer introduces intelligent in store technology to capture more sales and boost customer service.

The Challenge

With only half of Kitchen Warehouse’s 12,000 products actually fitting in-store, they knew they were pushing their customers to shop online, and potentially with a competitor.

The Solution

Strategically placed in store Digital Shopping Assistant touch screens provide customers with additional product information right when they need it, helping them to select the right product for their needs – even if it’s not on the shelf.

Only half of our 12,000 products actually fit in-store, and we are aware this is pushing our customers to shop online.

Peter Macaulay, Managing Director

To continue its dominance as Australia’s #1 kitchenware retailer, Kitchen Warehouse have used in store touch screen technology to create a seamless shopping experience for their customers, bridging the gap between online and in store shopping.

The timing could not have been more pertinent, with Kitchen Warehouse rolling out new stores across the east coast.

“With Foyer, our customers have access to all our products in store, which gives us the opportunity to capture the sale regardless of stock levels”, says Peter Macaulay, Managing Director of Kitchen Warehouse.

By placing Digital Shopping Assistant touch screens in key locations where customers most often need more product information, Kitchen Warehouse have made it easier for their customers to find the right product for their needs.

Some of the solutions Kitchen Warehouse customers can now enjoy include guided selling demonstrations of the KitchenAid range, as well as access to the full Kitchen Warehouse catalogue using Endless Aisle touch screens.

The technology’s integration with NetSuite allows customers to purchase products in store and order items for home delivery in one transaction.

With Foyer we capture the sale regardless of our store stock levels.

Peter Macaulay, Managing Director


Since launch, customers have been actively using the touch screens to find products for their specific needs.

As a result, Kitchen Warehouse have experienced a 30% conversion rate with the average order value generated from the Digital Shopping Assistant touch screens exceeding $100.

What’s more, Kitchen Warehouse customers are remaining loyal to the business and driving up customer lifetime value (CLTV), thanks to the in store technology that bypasses their need to search competitor websites for products.

Knowing that it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain one, Kitchen Warehouse remain focused on delivering a true omni-channel experience in their stores to retain their valued customers.