Cue, an iconic Australian label and the largest local manufacturer of fashion in the country, has launched ‘endless aisle’ technology, allowing in-store shoppers to view and shop the entire online range from any store location.

The Challenge

Being a design-focused label that selectively produces and stocks styles, customers have only been able to purchase a small proportion of the full Cue range in each store. Understanding that today’s shoppers expect to be able to purchase anytime, anywhere, Cue recognised the need to open up their entire range for in-store purchase.  

The Solution

In-store shoppable screens give customers the ability to explore the entire Cue range, no matter which store they’re in, with or without the assistance of a Cue staff member. A store that previously might have only had four different styles of a specific item available on the floor, can now offer customers their full range of 20+ styles at any given time.

Items purchased through endless aisle are fulfilled via Cue’s existing methods of click-and-collect, standard, express and three-hour delivery from stores around Australia. The screens also allow existing Cue customers to sign in and shop with their loyalty member account, and new customers can sign up to enjoy the same benefits.

Not every store receives every style, as we are a design-first business, we don’t mass produce.

Shane Lenton, Chief Information Officer

This is just the latest move Cue has made to give their customers a unified sales experience. Just recently, they launched a global-first implementation of AfterPay online and in-store, along with three-hour delivery.

Shane Lenton, Chief Information Officer for Cue, explained why there’s a business imperative for customers to be able to shop anywhere: “Not every store receives every style, as we are a design-first business, we don’t mass produce.”

The endless aisle technology is now available in five flagship stores with continuation into every new and refurbished store footprint.

As for what’s next, Lenton has plans to further enhance Cue’s in-store experience.

This is only the beginning for integrating digital technology in-store. Next, we will introduce Foyer’s connected change rooms, allowing customers to view the range and request additional styles and sizes without having to leave the change room.

Shane Lenton, Chief Information Officer