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Pharmacy Store powered by FoyerLive

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Mobile Integration

Customer’s smartphones become an integral part of the customer journey, connecting their online to in-store journey and allowing them to check out or save products for later purchase.

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Queue Management

Customers can check in on touch screen interface instantly by connected their phone or using the touch screen to notify staff they are in the store for their appointment or a click-and-collect order pick up.

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Endless Aisle

Touch screens running FoyerLive give customers visibility into what’s in stock, product details, and guided shopping experiences that allow your customers to self serve until they’re ready for assistance.

FoyerLive solves:

  • Customer disappointment due to out of stocks;
  • Efficient customer self service when Associates are unavailable or assistance is not desired; and
  • Creating a link for customers to continue their online shopping in store.

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M-POS is great, but the small screen makes it hard to view and customers and Associates can’t comfortably use the device together.

With FoyerLive Concierge Sales Associates are empowered with the control and information they need to transform the sales experience. FoyerLive Concierge is a modular application that can be set up based on your needs. Ranging from customer assistance and check-in notifications, push products to screen, change applications on screen in store, and training or other general information associates require.

Using the FoyerLive Concierge application associates are able to push products from their handheld on to larger screens to discuss with customers. Elevating the sales process to provide Associates with a visual sales tool to demonstrate to the customer what they are talking about.

Based on an Associates level of access permission they are able change applications and content on devices directly from the Concierge interface without having to login to the FoyerLive cloud administration.

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Digital Signage

With Intelligent Digital Signage customers and staff will be immersed in a store experience that changes to ensure the most contextually relevant visual merchandising is on display.

FoyerLive offers real-time content control and customer demographic recognition to ensure that the right content is in front of shopper’s eyes. Increase your marketing intelligence and the likelihood of attracting and converting shoppers into customers with FoyerLive.

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Loyalty Integration

Through integration into your existing loyalty platform each touch screen can prominently display loyalty member sign up and allow existing customers to login to their account to access points balance, wish list, order history, and any available coupons.


Have a delightful experience where digital intelligence is seamlessly integrated into their store visit.

Sales Associates

Sales Associates are empowered with the control and information they need to transform the sales experience.

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