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We want our partners to be the leaders of tomorrow. In order to stand out in today’s market, it’s necessary to think ahead. Foyerlive allows your business to stand out in amongst the pack, and become renowned for the delivery of exceptional shopping experiences.

Our goal is to work with you to combine our talents and ensure unprecedented client success. The FoyerLive platform allows agencies and system integrators to focus on building amazing shopping experiences while relying on FoyerLive to support their work on a scalable, secure, and open platform that is designed and ready for enterprise-scale projects.

Partners are vital to our business because of what we don’t do. We need your capabilities to complement and extend the FoyerLive Platform. We want to help you excel in what you do best. For that reason, our goal is to support you by providing reliable products and services that not only help you make more money, but also make your life a little easier.

Key Advantages of Becoming a FoyerLive Partner

Acceleration of your team's innovation efficiency

FoyerLive gives you a roadmap of features to roll out for continual in store innovation.

Sales Support

Support and lead generation we will help you get ready to sell, implement and support solutions for your customers.

Reduced Risk

Leverage our integrated screen management and monitoring, device performance tools, ready built applications, and standardized application framework.

We've got your back

We value our partners, and we really want to make your lives easier. We get that partnerships can be difficult, but we actively place a tremendous amount of effort into every relationship and interaction. We believe in the human-to-human interaction as the bedrock of a sustainable partnership.

What skills does my team need to have?

To create themes and custom applications you will need people with these talents:

  • UX / UI Designer
  • Front End Develop (FED) / User Inteface (UI) Developer with:
    • Strong  javascript (React a bonus); and
    • SASS CSS

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