Become a Foyer Certified Partner and revolutionize dispensary operations.

Together we can help dispensaries:

  • Drive maximum revenue per square foot and grow profitability
  • Enable associates to focus on high value tasks 
  • Provide a seamless, personalized experience for customers

We work with our partners to support implementation of fit for purpose or custom solutions for your clients. Our partners are critical in effectively deploying industry-leading solutions, utilising our network of hardware and integration partners spanning POS, E-commerce, CRM and more. Our platform is designed as an open architecture with ‘any to any’ connectivity to existing systems for enhanced capability, customization and rapid deployment and implementation.

Transform dispensary operations and be rewarded

As a Foyer Certified Partner, you will always be kept informed of our latest customer-facing solutions, platform updates and new services designed to transform dispensary operations and enhance dispensary profitability whilst providing an exceptional customer experience. 

Our team is here to educate, support and collaborate with you to ensure our open architecture is being utilised to suit specific client needs so they can better serve their customer and improve operational capabilities. By giving you the tools and training, we’re giving you equity in the future of our proprietary platform and its diverse functionality across industries, including those still emerging. 

You make it happen, and we reward you for it.

Creating connection through integration

Foyer transforms dispensary operations at minimal capital expenditure, as it integrates with existing back of house software and hardware systems, leveraging clients’ existing data and tech stack.

Our partner list is extensive, working closely with market leaders for some of the world’s most powerful brands. We’re always looking to partner with new integrations to create a more powerful ecosystem for our customers.

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