Driven by customer feedback, we have launched several major enhancements to the FoyerLive platform with a major platform release last month. These updates included a number of new features and an extended and refined administration interface.


FoyerLive Concierge connects customers to sales associates. Implementations include Connected change rooms and Digital Shoe Walls that remove the friction in stores by connecting customers to products, stock levels and instant access to request assistance from staff. Increasing store efficiency to streamline sales.

Intelligent Signage

Digital visual merchandising controlled by weather, sales or analytics data. Ensuring that the right content is in front of customers at all times.

View of the weather control settings.
View of the weather control settings.


Administration System

Advanced User Access Control

  • Granular editing and publishing user management with multiple layers of parent/child relationships
  • Agency partner workflow has been simplified by implementing simple account switching capabilities and introducing the Partner Demo Suite

FoyerLive API
Product and Order API’s extended and documented for use by our partners

Extended OS Support
FoyerLive player now available on:

  • Chrome OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

Third Party Platform Integrations

We continue to build out third party platform support with the latest additions being:

  • Bazaarvoice for customer review data; and
  • Channel Advisor for product data integration.