Millennials are digital first consumers, they fully expect digital to be a part of everything they do. Because of this they differ from previous generations, but not as much as you may think. Despite their comfort with online purchasing, online is primarily used for research and 82 percent of millennials still prefer to shop in-store (Accenture). However their expectations for in-store shopping are not being met and there is a general dissatisfaction with retailers’ lack of consistent service across their various touch-points. Recent research from Google reported that two out of three customers couldn’t find the detail they needed whilst visiting a store, this resulted in them turning to their smartphone to get that information, and when they did so, half of them went to the retailer’s own site or app. This was correlated by Jason Goldberger, president of and mobile at Target Corp. in his keynote at IRCE 2015, where he stated on their in-store wifi their customers visit more than any other site.

It is important to understand the expectations from the retail store within the millennial omni-channel shoppers world. Online is for research and convenience purchasing. In-store they want an experience, excellent service, access to your full inventory, and flexibility with purchase and delivery options. In order to meet demands of this new wave of shoppers, it is important to re-imagine your stores as a curated experience, where your customers can actively use digital in your store to engage with product content, with and without your retail associates, browse your full range of products, and select the purchase and delivery option that makes sense to them.

To deliver on millennials expectations of there being a seamless experience between online and offline, we recommend in-store touch screen kiosks that offer:

  • + Product details including customer reviews on touch screens;
  • + Endless aisle shopping from your full product range in each and every store;
  • + Flexible fulfilment options with click and collect, ship from store; and
  • + Access for customer to bring up their online Wish Lists and Online Shopping Baskets on screen in store.

Consider how you can create stores that give the information that millennials need, whilst also delivering the brand experience they desire. Whether your stores are permanent or pop-up, designing a space that effectively engages millennial shoppers will benefit all ages. By creating a fun, entertaining shopping experience you’re making your store a destination of choice and you will increase brand loyalty.

First design an in-store experience that will meet your customers expectations, then add something they will talk about.