Deli Queue Management

Streamline deli service in your stores with Foyerlive Virtual Queue management

No need to take a ticket, customers use touch screens to submit their order and then are free to complete their shopping. Efficient service that gives your customers another reason to shop with you.

Deli Order Touch Screen

Eliminate Lines

Give shoppers the option to skip the line and get more shopping done! Orders placed on store touch screens or the customers phone increase deli service efficiency and provide up-sell opportunities by showcasing complimentary items on screen.

Receive order pickup text message

Mobile Notification

No need to take a ticket. Shoppers simply enter their phone number and receive a text message when their order is ready for collection. In addition to offering convenience, you gain insight into customer purchase behavior and preferences.

Deli Order management

Order Management

Order management for your staff is simple. Using touch screens they can claim orders from the queue, assemble the items in the order, and then at the touch of a button send a text message notification to the customer to let them know their order is ready.

Custom Cake Order Management

Implement the Foyerlive Configurator to manage cake ordering in store and watch your sales grow

With numerous configuration options, customers are guided through the various choices to create the perfect cake for their special occasion. Best of all customers can order at whatever hour they choose to shop regardless of bakery staff availability.

Configure Custom Cake Orders

Attract and Educate

Our touch screen custom cake ordering solution has been shown to attract and convert shoppers. Lifting sales by double digits. An animation is used to attract and entice customers to create and order a custom cake.

Guided Cake Configuration

Guided Selling

The customer is guided through the process to bring their personalized cake to life. Shoppers can visualize the many options, increasing the up-sell opportunity.

Cake Order Management

Order Management

Removing costly mistakes, customers view and approve their final selections before submitting their order. Each day decorators can view the queue of orders allowing them to easily manage their workload.

Loblaws Case Study

Custom cake ordering at your fingertips

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