FoyerLive is a suite of Applications that enables retailers to create interactive and connected shopping experiences.

Create intelligent, integrated customer experiences

Using touch, motion, product or loyalty card scanning, beacon & mobile

Streamline checkout with on-device payment and receipt printing

Seamlessly connect existing retail systems to sync product, inventory and customer data

Digital Shopping Assistant

At the core of FoyerLive is the Digital Shopping Assistant. It offers an intelligent shopping experience that is integrated into key areas of your store to remove the friction points that frustrate shoppers.

Touch screens running the Digital Shopping Assistant give customers visibility into what’s in stock, product details, and guided shopping experiences that allow your customers to self serve until they’re ready for assistance.

FoyerLive solves:

  • Customer disappointment due to out of stocks;
  • Efficient customer self service when Associates are unavailable or assistance is not desired; and
  • Creating a link for customers to continue their online shopping in store.
FoyerLive Digital Shopping Assistant

Configuration Options

Endless Aisle

Integrated into eCommerce and POS to give shoppers visibility into what’s in stock, product details & guided shopping experiences

Connected Customer Service

Shoppers can request products to be brought to them increasing store efficiency and customer satisfaction

Connected Product Displays

Customers selections on one screen can change the content on other screens in the store to play related content, elevating the shopping experience.

Shoppable Windows

Interactive store windows mean your store is always open, whether it be with touch or customer mobiles remotely interacting with on screen content.

Self Service Payment

Shoppers can checkout from their phone, skipping the line and increasing the efficiency of your point of sale.

Scan, Beacon & Motion

From barcode, QR code and RFID scanning to beacons and motion there are a multitude of  interaction options

Concierge Associate Assistant

Associates have the same options available to them as are provided on the customer facing Digital Shopping Assistant with the addition of up-sell opportunities and customer information. Concierge can be installed on hand held or fixed devices and adds to the Digital Shopping Assistant in creating your smart store.


For customers an Associate is just the touch of a button away.

Screen Takeover

Associates can take control of other screens in store, to show customers a product, or switch applications and content.

Add Value

Have Associates with expertise service customer requests.

Increase Efficiency

Remove the back and forth of product retrieval.

Click and Collect & Queue Management

Touch screen interface allowing customers to check in,
make a consultation booking, and notify staff they are in the store for a click-and-collect order pick up.

Staff receive notifications of new arrivals in the Concierge Associate Assistant and can manage the queue using their hand-held or fixed touch device.

Service Efficiency

Click-and-collect, or appointment check-in.

Skip the Line

Efficient self service and check-out.

FoyerLive Queue Management

Customer Mobile Integration

Customer’s smartphones are an integral part of the FoyerLive powered shopping experience. Allowing integration with customer’s phones through SMS, email, beacon, payments, web and mobile app SDK integration.


From simple SMS/email to beacon, location and mobile app integration.

Close the Loop

Customer's phones become the key that links their online, in-store and post-store shopping experience.

Self Checkout

Customers can use their smartphone to checkout.

Drivers Seat

Provide interactive mobile controlled experiences.

Intelligent Digital Signage

With Intelligent Digital Signage customers and staff will be immersed in a store experience that changes to ensure the most contextually relevant visual merchandising is on display.

FoyerLive offers real-time content control and customer demographic recognition to ensure that the right content is in front of shopper’s eyes. Increase your marketing intelligence and the likelihood of attracting and converting shoppers into customers with FoyerLive.

Attract & Promote

Put the right content in front of your customers to increase foot traffic, target customers by day part and easily schedule promotions.

Set & Forget

Set content to show or hide based on business rules such as weather or sales data and let the system do the rest.

FoyerLive Intelligent Digital Signage

Create Custom Applications

The existing applications within the platform are easily modified from a design perspective with a basic understanding of SASS.

Custom applications can be developed with the provided base application Javascript templates. FoyerLive will provide training and instructions on how to setup a dedicated solution with access to all the existing FoyerLive data stores and real-time feeds.

Applications are created and styled with standard web technologies (HTML5/JavaScript/CSS), and then deployed on the FoyerLive platform.

Our trained partners are given access to the deploy custom applications to FoyerLive allowing them to be assigned to devices in the FoyerLive device management cloud administration interface.

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