Self Service Kiosk

Display everything your customers want to see with the full power of your online capabilities themed to your store. Allow them to engage with kiosks to see real time product information and inventory. 

  • Includes all the features of the online ordering system, available in-store
  • Display real-time stock, pricing and inventory information
  • Allow customers to interact with displays to see more information, access rich media, see dynamic content based on weather, time, location and more
  • Detailed product information, benefits and additional marketing material
  • Ability to check-in for various customer journeys, i.e. join registration queue, standard customer queue, or notify arrival to pick-up an online-order
  • Designed for self-service with features for assisted selling
  • Customer can request products be brought to the display (Runner functionality, where permissible)
  • Customer can request assistance (notifies host/budtenders)
  • Cart items can be retrieved / transferred  via the Foyer Concierge M-POS solution for mobile checkout
  • All product information is cached on device for a incredibly

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