Retail has changed.

Stores and shopping precincts have shuttered in response to social distancing and mandated gathering limitation measures.

Stores that traditionally never had to manage  a surge in demand or stagger customers have an opportunity to get on the front foot. 

Operators have to understand the current mindset of customers and make tactical adjustments that can revolutionise location operations and infrastructure.

Maintain and even enhance the venue and location experience through Foyer’s ‘Queue Manager’ technology. 

Keep footfall consistent, keep store associates safe, move inventory, and maintain sales, all the while creating a revolutionary customer experience.

Introducing Virtual Queuing.

Customers and staff are kept safe while crowd expectations are managed by informing customers of their status in a queue, making wait times feel shorter and controlling traffic surges. 

Ensure your customers are fully informed of their waiting progress with virtual ticketing and personalised SMS messaging. Queue Manager enables you to eliminate long lines, increase productivity, reduce complaints, provides valuable date and enhances the customer experience. 

Features include:

  • Customer registration, either self check-in (kiosk/mobile), or through an associate/host managed check-in (desktop/tablet)
  • Automated customer prioritization encouraging customers to pre-order for increase throughput
  • Configurable SMS/Push notifications keep your customers informed of their progress through the queue 
  • Real-time customer facing mobile interface to monitor queue/ticket progress and estimated wait time which can also be updated on digital signage with a notifications overlay

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