Retail Operations have changed.

Stores and shopping precincts have shuttered in response to social distancing and mandated gathering limitation measures.

Stores who traditionally never had to stagger footfall or actively limit customers by time slot, have an opportunity to get on the front foot. 

Keep footfall consistent, keep store associates and customers safe, move inventory and maintain sales through an intuitive, retail operations solution to today’s turbulent time

Maintain and even enhance the new in store experience through Foyer’s Appointment Manager technology. 

Easily control store footfall

Foyer’s Appointment Manager drives predictable demand whilst bringing consistent time-based traffic to the store.Manage appointment bookings and check-ins.  Reduce wait times and queues. Free up staff to engage in high value activities. Personalise the time-based buying experience

The advantages of Appointment Manager extend beyond traditional appointment services. Customers are notified via text message and are able to ‘self check-in’ via their device or be checked-in via a staff member, ensuring a safe and friction less experience.

Features include:

  • Intuitive host interface to control, modify appointments:
  • Seamless integration with digital signage and in house systems
  • Ability to control appointment flow:
  • Ability to configure time slots on a per location and day of week basis

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