The shoe buying experience is incredibly inefficient. There is a better way.

Shoppers browse the shoe wall and select products they like, they then have to request their size from a Sales Associate, the Associate has to find the product in the store room, then determine if it is available in the shoppers desired size, before walking back out to serve the customer hopefully with the shoes the customer wants in hand but often they’re left empty handed.

How it Works

From the Shoppers Perspective


Shoppers enter their size and product preferences on the shoe wall touch screen to find shoes from your in-store and online inventory that match their needs.


They can add items to their basket and submit a request to try on when ready.


A sales associate brings the products out, answers questions and recommends additional items!


The shopper checks out with the associate from a hand-held POS.

From the Retail Associate Perspective


A sales associate receives a notification for a customer product request.


They collect the items from the back of the store and deliver them to the shopper.


Upon delivery, the associate can answer questions and suggest additional items to the customer.


The associate uses your existing POS or FoyerLive integrated device to complete the checkout process right there!

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