Foyer is for the future of retail

Foyer creates remarkable in store experiences. At a time when technology is raising your customers’ expectations, Foyer’s flexible applications are here to help you meet them.

Our focus is on giving you the tools to help you build a new kind of store – one where experiences are valued over sales, and where personal connections are key to building long lasting relationships with your brand.

Meet our team

Behind our technology is a team of service designers, developers, innovation consultants, UX designers, and so much more. While varied in our skill sets, we love coming together to create those seamless in store experiences that turn your customers into loyal ambassadors.

Foyer powers up your existing systems

Foyer is a smart layer that sits on top of your existing retail stack and integrates with your core systems.

Its flexible applications surface all your important customer and product data, so you can anticipate your customers’ every need, get your sales associates out from behind the counter, and bust queues to deliver the exceptional service your customers are looking for.

Delight your customers, amplify your sales

Expand your capabilities

With flexible integrations, you can bring your online environment in store to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Data at your fingertips

See how your customers are behaving and how your staff are performing. Then, optimise to create those moments shoppers are looking for.

Empower your staff and customers

With access to rich customer insights, your staff can capture more sales, while your customers benefit from highly personalised and interactive service that anticipates their every need.

Be the store your customers are looking for

Meet with our team of service designers, and start creating remarkable retail experiences today.

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